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 We are grateful to the following individuals who made financial donations to CTAS Fall 2017.


 If you were a contributor and your name is not included, or if you have been listed incorrectly, we deeply apologize. Please contact our office: 215-887-1720



Marsha Fischer
Marty and Nan Gross
Tom and Linda London


Larry Angert
Cheryl Barber
Evelyn Barrett
Barbara Blount
Sandra Brown-Wright
Rick Bunker
John Caleb
Daryl Carrington
Bea Cromwell


Eileen Douglass
Justine Gerety
Jack and Joy Guarneri


Allison Felder
Sandra Fischer
Edward Fulforth
Margaret Gillis
John Hoban
Yolanda Inumerable
Tony Johnson
Susan Kershman
Denise King
Irene Klosko


Susan Bowdon
Maria David
Sandra Spitzer McKelvey


Hannah Kramer
Robert Maerten
Mildred Marousek
Helen McNichol
Christine Morris
Patrick O’Brien
Steve Pleier
David Richardson
Sandy Rooney
Joyce Rosner


Ilene Rush
Phyllis Taylor
Betty Smith


James Rossi
Darcy Russotto
Maria Satko
Jim Thacker
Cynthia Trappler
Marlene Trois
Jack Walsh
Jeanne Wieckowski
Tom Winberry


In loving memory of Tom London:


Arthur & Nancy Laskin
James Laskin
Marion Bant
Margie L. Carney
Mary Chomitz
Judith Coy
Pete & Eileen Douglass

Bob & Marsha Fischer
Joseph & Diane Foster
Kathleen Gillespie
Marty & Nan Gross
Jane Henderson
Charles & Ann-Marie Irwin
Warren Kruger

Stephen Maurer &
Frances Stier
Sandra McKelvey
Neal & Edith Nyman
Jane Pepper
Richard & Jill Pomerantz
Paul & Ann Rappoport

Ruth Ricker
Lillian Rothman
Eli & Barbara Rubinstein
Natalie Simon
Mary Sturrock
John & Phyllis Taylor
Melvin & Shelby Yim