CTAS, a charitable 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization, invites you to make a tax-deductible donation. We are not affiliated with or financially supported by Cheltenham Township or the School District. We rely solely on tuition fees and contributions from individuals and organizations who share our mission. Your gift will help us continue to offer our community a wide variety of informative, stimulating, and entertaining courses and programs at reasonable costs.

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 We are grateful to the following individuals who made financial donations to CTAS Fall 2016


 If you were a contributor and your name is not included, or if you have been listed incorrectly, we deeply apologize. Please contact our office: 215-887-1720

PLATINUM ($1,000+)

Eileen Douglass

Thomas and Linda London

Marsha Fischer


GOLD ($500 – $999)

Jack and Joy Guarneri

Justine Gerety and Richard Perelman

Marty and Nan Gross


SILVER ($100 – $499)

Carol Lorber

Sandra Spitzer


Phyllis Taylor

($10-$99)Marcia AllenDiane BabikianNorman Brody

Sandra Capps

Christine Cayer

Walter and Carol Ceglowski

Beatrice Coleman

Barbara Culbert

Janice DiBenedetto

Sharon Eastburn

Maurice Feldman

Sandra Fischer

Kate Friend

Margaret Gillis

Louise Goldstein

Eileen Heron

Sharon Ingram

Tony Johnson

Kathleen Kenney

Lloyd and Meryl KernSusan KershmanCharles King

Irene Klosko

Christine Kobilnyk

Lychou Kouai

Jeanette Lacey

Peter and Wing Yee Lau

Jay Leistner

Sandra Lewis

Bernard Liebowitz

Vincent McAleer

Donna McGinley

Marilyn McHenry

Carol Memberg

Sheilah Nelson

Kathleen Nicholas

Diane Omdal

Bonnie Palmer

Janet PolisShanlee PollackAnn Rappoport

Yvonne Reid

Kris Rice

Joan Rosen

David and Joyce


Robert Schmutzler

Margie Seltzer

Sylvia Simelson

Phillip Singer

Jerald Skobinsky

Betty Smith

Patricia Sullivan

Jewel Warrington

Samuel Wurtzel

Donna Young

Beth Yount