French II

This course is open to those who have taken some French and want an inclusive method of learning more, or for those who learn languages quickly and would enjoy this engaging kind of class. We will be using Débuts, an introduction to French, third Edition, by H. Jay Siskin ISBN-13: 978-0073386430. Débuts is an integrated film-based course of French Language and Culture, The film Le Chemin du Retour (The Path of Return) features a young television journalist, hosting a “Good Morning, France” broadcast. We see the inner workings of the studio, meet her co-workers, and get a good glimpse of the diversity of Paris and of Parisians. She suddenly goes on a quest to her ancestral village in Southern France trying to learn the truth about her mysterious grandfather. Twists and turns take us to Marseille and beyond on this revealing search.


M.A., Université de Paris; Louisiana Grantee For Summer Study in France; Smithsonian Award of Excellence

130 – $119

10 Thursdays, 9/27 to 12/6
6 to 7:30 p.m.
Room 250
Cheltenham High School