Fundamentals of Divorce, Custody and Support

This course offers students the opportunity to learn the basics of family law. Whether you are already in the midst of a divorce, custody or support action, whether you are considering your options with regard to family law issues or whether you are simply interested in learning about family law and the court system, this informative class will provide you with a comprehensive foundation. We will explore the divorce process – from the filing of the divorce complaint through to the distribution of assets and liabilities (equitable distribution) and entry of the divorce decree. We will investigate the factors and procedures for how marital property, such as real estate, retirement benefits, investments and businesses is divided. The class wil include an in-depth examination of the custody of children and what factors the courts are guided by in determining a custody schedule. We will also review the differences between spousal support, alimony and child support and how the amounts are determined. Finally, we will analyze alternatives to litigation such as agreements  and mediation.


J.D., Widener University School of Law; M.A., Psychological Services, University of Pennsylvania; M.A., Religion, Reformed Episcopal Seminary; Licensed Attorney Practicing Matrimonial and Family Law in PA since 1994.


346 – $41

2 Mondays, 5/1 and 5/8
7 to 8:30 p.m.
Room 106
Cheltenham High School