Spring Birds and Butterflies of the Delaware Valley

Get ready for the spring bird migration and the emergence of butterflies in our area.  Many species of birds move into or pass through the Delaware Valley on their yearly migration to their nesting grounds.  At the same time, and throughout the summer, many butterfly species are leaving their chrysalises to begin their active, sometimes brief, life seeking to reproduce.  We will learn to use Field Marks – size, shape, unique features and behaviors – to identify them.  We will also use songs and vocalizations to identify birds.  Field trips will be arranged in class.


Graduate, Pennsylvania Master Naturalist Program; Volunteer, Fish and Wildlife Service; Leader of Bird and Butterfly Walks at Tinicum Wildlife Refuge


224 – $55

4 Thursdays, 3/2 to 3/23
7 to 8:30 p.m.
Room 124
Cheltenham High School