German Conversation

This course is designed for people who have already taken at least two or three semesters of German at the Adult School, or who have had at least two semesters of college-level German. Although the instructor will teach some new grammatical concepts, the emphasis will be placed on the art of conversation. We will do role plays, create dialogues in which students must solve problems they encounter in everyday life situations whether here in the United States or in a German-speaking country, and also hold discussions on cultural and language related aspects of Germany, Austria, and the German part of Switzerland. Students will also learn to integrate into their exchanges and our discussions useful everyday and idiomatic expressions. Listening will continue to be emphasized in this course. Heritage speakers of German are welcome to enroll in this course. Please purchase the following textbook: Practice Makes Perfect: German Conversation, by Ed Swick, McGraw Hill Publishers and bring it to the first class. Other materials for this course will be supplied by the instructor.


Ph.D., Middlebury College; Senior Lecturer of European Languages and Ancient Mediterranean Civilizations, Penn State Abington

137- $119

10 Thursdays, 2/28 to 5/16
6 to 7:30 p.m.
Room 152
Cheltenham High School