Pilates: Introduction to Tower

Join a Pilates course created from over 80 traditional mat and cadillac exercises that will challenge your core abdominal muscles, strengthen your back, stabilize your pelvic and shoulder girdles, increase your stability and develop spinal flexibility while encouraging proper alignment and stretching your entire body. The Tower is a versatile and effective piece of equipment, complete with leg and arm springs and spring-loaded push through and roll-back bars. Exercises range from basic spring assisted sit-ups to advanced squats on one leg. Please wear comfortable clothing. Class size is limited to five students to allow for individual attention.


433 – $112

8 Thursdays, 2/27 to 4/23
11:00 to 11:50 a.m.
Beta Pilates Studio
Towers at Wyncote Bldg 1
8460 Limekiln Pike