Core Fusion

This course, designed for all fitness levels, combines weight training for the upper and lower body, abdominal strengthening exercises and Pilates-based stretching for flexibility and core conditioning.  The instructor will demonstrate and guide participants in proper form and techniques to produce maximum results and to prevent injuries. No prior exercise experience is necessary. Individual needs and limitations will be considered, with alternative exercises for those who desire more challenging variations.  For each class, have water, a mat and hand-held weights (beginner: 1 – 2 lbs., intermediate: 3 – 5 lbs., advanced: 6 – 8 lbs.) As the semester progresses, the instructor will introduce the benefits of resistance bands for variety, but the use of these will be optional.


Retired Professional Dancer with Philadanco, Opera Ebony, Opera Company of Philadelphia; Choreographer; Teacher

400- $102

10 Wednesdays, 3/3 to 5/12
6  to 7 p.m.