5-String Clawhammer Banjo

The origins of the clawhammer style banjo extend back as far as at least the 1800’s and came to the New World with the African slaves and their gourd instruments. The banjo style evolved and merged with other instruments, including the fiddle. The Civil War provided an opportunity to merge the easily portable fiddle and banjo in a musical marriage that remains alive to this day. After learning the basic clawhammer bump-ditty strum, we will build as you are able by adding hammer-ons, pull-offs, slides, double thumbing, etc. We will get the beginners going with the basic bump ditty strum that gives clawhammer style its drive. Those who have some clawhammer experience can expand their repertoires and share their skills with the others in the class. This class is appropriate for beginner and intermediate players. Bring your 5-string banjo.


Banjo Player; Teacher


26 – $97

10 Thursdays, 2/27 to 5/14
7 to 8 p.m.
Room 110

Cheltenham High School