Immerse yourself in the art of Italian conversation, such as dialogues, role plays, debating, short speeches etc. Students will learn verb tenses such as the imperfetto (imperfect), futuro semplice (future), and the condizionale (conditional), in addition to useful everyday and idiomatic expressions. We will talk about Italian art, architecture, music, cuisine, and festivities among other things. People who have had two semesters of Italian in college or the equivalent are welcome to join the class. Please have Practice Makes Perfect: Italian Conversation, Premium Second Edition, ISBN: 978-1- 2600-2620-7 for the first class in either book, e-book or kindle format.


Ph.D., Middlebury College; Associate Teaching Professor of French and Italian Studies, Penn State Abington

147- $120

10 Thursdays, 2/25 to 5/6
6:30 to 8 p.m.