Learn to play simple traditional folk songs and elementary blues on one of America’s most popular, portable instruments—the harmonica. We’ll cover basic techniques such as bending, trilling, tongue-blocking, vibrato, and wah-wah, giving individual attention to each student. No musical background is required. Bring a 10-hole diatonic key of C major harmonica (such as the Hohner Special 20, the Hohner Marine Band model 1896, or equivalent) to the first class. Required text may be purchased for $10.00. (Optional: You may record classes). Class size is limited so please register early.


B.A., Music, Syracuse University; Performed with Muddy Waters, Koko Taylor and Ronnie Earl; Currently Performs with Stevie & The Bluescasters

27- $98

8 Thursdays, 2/25 to 4/22
6:30 to 7:45 p.m.