Join instructor Vivianna Calabria for this one-night-only demonstration class. We’ll make marinara sauce, a simple and versatile staple of Italian cooking, as well as two uniquely delicious specialties that bring a little zing to the table: caponata, a sweet and sour Sicilian appetizer that features the flavors of eggplant and capers, and pesto, a basil-heavy paste we’ll make with and without pine nuts, that accompanies more than just pasta. Our class will cover ingredients, preparation, and cooking; cultural background of the dishes; and of course the best part: serving it up and enjoying some together. Please bring $10 for ingredients.


First Generation Italian American; Authentic Italian Cook 

327- $40

Monday, 4/4
6:30 to 8:30 p.m.
Room 259
Cheltenham High School