CTAS, a charitable 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization, invites you to make a tax-deductible donation. We are not affiliated with or financially supported by Cheltenham Township or the School District. We rely solely on tuition fees and contributions from individuals and organizations who share our mission. Your gift will help us continue to offer our community a wide variety of informative, stimulating, and entertaining courses and programs at reasonable costs.

To donate online, please click the DONATE ONLINE button below and decide what amount you would like to donate. Or to mail in your donation, print out the form below.

We are truly grateful to the following individuals who made financial donations. This list acknowledges donors from the Fall 2023 semester. If you were a contributor and your name is not included, or if you have been listed incorrectly, we sincerely apologize. Please contact our office at 215-887-1720. 

PLATINUM / $1000+ 

Marsha & Robert Fischer 

Linda London 

GOLD / $500-$999 

Susan Bowdon 

Mary Chomitz 

Justine Gerety 

Martin Gross 

Gideon Hill

Deborah Rubinsohn 

SILVER / $100–$499 

Karen and Jeff Albert 

Arleen Armstrong 

Bruce Asam 

Brian Benda 

Jacqueline Morrill & Mike Donahue 

Linda Freimark & Bob Doyle 

Susan Frost 

Jack Guarneri 

Cliff Hence 

Theresa & Vincent McAleer 

Evelyn Palecznicki 

Alex Seltzer 

Paul Ziegler 

BRONZE / $10–$99 

Bertha Adams 

Edna Barnes 

Susan Becker 

Jose Benhabib 

Gwendolyn & Eugene Carey 

Christine Cayer 

Kathryn Creamer 

Sharon Eastburn 

Eva Finney & Kurt Ahrens 

Ronald Fagan 

Edward Fulforth 

Ronnie Gabriel 

Harold Glass 

Rochelle Goldin 

Joan Greenberg 

Georgina Hagarty 

Neil Heffernan 

Jennifer Hubbard 

Carol Ingald 

Tony Johnson 

Diana Jordan 

Christine Kobilnyk 

David Kraut 

Robert Leonard 

Marissa Lieb 

Cynthia Lynch 

Christine MacArthur 

Kathleen Malloy 

Deborah Meiris 

Susan Neidich 

Marla Nesbitt-Laws 

Lynn Nicholson 

Fran Pollock 

Joy Pollock 

Anne Prior 

Eleanor Reinhardt 

Sandy Rooney 

Peggy Salvatore 

Phyllis Salzman 

Maria Satko 

Ellen Slavin 

Juanita Smith 

Nanita Syrai Tilley 

Carol Weisl 

Jeanne & Tom Wieckowski 

Phyllis Williams 

Gail Wilson