CTAS, a charitable 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization, invites you to make a tax-deductible donation. We are not affiliated with or financially supported by Cheltenham Township or the School District. We rely solely on tuition fees and contributions from individuals and organizations who share our mission. Your gift will help us continue to offer our community a wide variety of informative, stimulating, and entertaining courses and programs at reasonable costs.

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We are truly grateful to the following individuals who made financial donations. This list acknowledges donors from the Spring 2021 semester. If you were a contributor and your name is not included, or if you have been listed incorrectly, we sincerely apologize. Please contact our office: 215-887-1720.


Marsha & Robert Fischer
Martin Gross
Linda London

GOLD/$500 – $999

Susan Bowden
Mary Chomitz
Justine Gerety
Jack Guarneri
Sandra Spitzer McKelvey
Deborah Rubinsohn

SILVER/$100 – $499

Rosemary Adams
Denise King
Jean Lifter
David Low
Ellen Slavin

BRONZE/$10 – $99

Martin Beilin
Walter Boyle
Elizabeth Burke
Christine Cayer
Bud Cook
Betty Cooper
Robert Cypres
Mary Anne Delaney
Mary Lou Delizia
Barbara Durkin
Gerrie Goldman
Susan Gross
Georgina Hagarty
Nannette Hammond
Esther Hawkins
Diana Jordan
Tony Johnson
Ruth Kasow
Sheila Lynn
Christine Macarthur
Teresa Mahoney
Mame McCormick
Claudia McGill
Margaret Mulligan
Marcy Nadel
Deborah Napper
Lydia Parke
Lauren Pembroke
Alfred Robinson
Maria Satko
Eileen Shea
Burt Siegel
Phyllis Williams

BRONZE/$10 – $99

Megan Giampietro
Nancy Goldschmidt
Maryann Green
Joan Greenberg
Barbara Grisaani
Amanda Gutshall
Michele Harbison
Edna Hartranft
Romayne Hartshorn
Eileen Heron
Jennifer Hubbard
Emily  Hunsicker
Carol Ingald
Tony Johnson
Sherry Justus
Mary Kampf
Cindy Kass
Joyce Kelly
Marcia Kleiman
Linda Korsin
Kerry Krieger
Judith Leifer
Miranda Levine
Sandra Lewis
Jean Lifter
Cynthia Livingston
Christine Madden
Teresa Mahoney
Kathleen McEwen
Claudia McGill
Amy Motenko
Martha Mot-Gale
Bonnie Ostrofsky
Ramon Picado
Andrea Plasky